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Web Design

The question is not, “Do I really need a website?”, But rather, “Can I afford NOT to have a professional website?". In order for your business idea to take flight, you need a professionally designed website.  We specialize in working congruently with your design needs to help create the best possible website for your business.  A website that will not only draw in new customers, but one that will hold their attention once they are there.

Our graphic design team is one of the best in the business. Our web designs will enhance anyone’s visit to your website.  We accomplish this by making time at your site stimulating and highly rewarding. We work hard to combine both interactive and visual communications to drive traffic to where you want potential clients to go. By using exciting visual effects, we help to create an experience that will surpass both you and your client’s expectations.

At BusinessRise, we value originality in our web designs.  This means we create everything from scratch and never use web templates that tend to make websites blend together to experienced web surfers. When we craft a web design, we ensure that you have a website that is special and unique to your company.
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The BusinessRise team follows a five step process:
Gathering Information
Once a proposal is submitted by the client, we initiate the first step of our personalized five step process. The process begins with gathering vital information for your web design. Our team, along with your help, collects all the appropriate details related to the desired design. You will fill out a detailed questionnaire that will help our design team deliver the first demo according to your requirements.
Deliverance of the first demos
After a complete understanding of your necessities are established, our design team will deliver a website design within 5 business days for review.  Design improvements begin after client feedback is received.
Revisions of the designs
After submission of the first demo, we enter our revision phase.  Your website design is tweaked to your requirements and direction.
Approval from the client
When all changes are implemented, and everything is functioning flawlessly, the website is given to the client for review.
Site Delivery
When the client gives the “green light”, the final website is delivered to him/her, including source files. You are the sole owner of the website, 100%. Your website will be uploaded to your hosting server, or if you choose our hosting services, we will reserve you a dedicated space in our personal server.

Customer Support

Once you receive your finished website, we are still here to help you.  BusinessRise believes that our job starts when we deliver a successfully designed and developed site, but doesn’t end there.  We are here to support your website efforts for 3 months after delivery. We are here for training, maintenance or any other question you have.
No matter what you want in your web design, we are here to help. It’s our top priority that you are happy with what we create for you. That’s why we work closely with your business team to ensure that the resulting web design is exactly what you had envisioned. The technicalities of the web design may be up to us, but the feel and theme of the site is totally yours and that will never get lost in what we do. So, please think of us first when you’re looking for the very best team to handle all of your web design needs.
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